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New Years Beauty Resolutions To Make A Lifestyle
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Don't hate, emulate, darling! It's that time again when we make resolutions that we probably won't keep. Well! Here are some beauty resolutions worth fitting into your lifestyle!


Add Some Of That Colour

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to fall prey of the mauves, caramels and greys (I mean, 50 shades of grey is all spicy and stuff) but it’s time to add colour. Don’t limit this to wardrobe; add colour everywhere. There is a reason why colours have such a deep psychology – we are expressive beings and not everything is black and white.

Where to add colour?

  • Make-Up (and don’t forget to remove that face-beat before bed)
  • Bags – Dr Pachanga is a great option for a pop of colour
  • Jewellery – Every dime piece needs a statement making jewel
  • A good pair of bright Heels never killed anybody

Resolutions - Dance

Dance, darling, dance!

Okay, so the new year is fast approaching and you hear the words “body goals” and all that comes to mind is, I need to go to gym, eat healthy, drink water, etc. Well, a piece of advice from me, it’s time to dance. The best way to get that amazing toned body and get fit and still enjoy yourself is to join a dance class. I know that some of you will say dancing is not their thing or the classic “I’ve got two left feet”, now here’s an excuse to join a Zumba class. Talk about fitness fun! One of the best experiences to be part of is the Dance Spirit on the Rooftop at the Maboneng Precinct.

Resolutions - Lingerie

Slip On Something Saucy

If there is one thing that could shoot confidence at, it’s a good pair of undies. I’m talking to all the ladies, we come in all shapes and sizes – this is something to embrace. Be it petite or voluptuous, you can definitely rock lingerie. This is something you can do for you (okay, maybe just a little for your partner too) cause nobody can love you better than yourself right? Guess whose bringing sexy back? You!

Resolutions - Confidence

Je Suis Le Confiance

Lastly, nothing is more beautiful than confidence! I mean, what’s a queen without her crown. Make confidence one of your beauty resolutions and be the best you you’ve ever been. This is easier said than done for most, but practice makes perfect and sometimes we have to find beauty in the little imperfections. Go out there, do what you love and explore this amazing City of Gold. Share that personality with the masses because it’s all good to be beautiful, and even greater to shine inner beauty to the world. Yaasss!

Let’s nurture our spirits cause that’s where the true beauty lies!

Reviews (1)
Thato Ditshoane
01 Jan 2019
Great read. Amazing content. Well written. This is one of those moments where you feel like the author is speaking with you instead of you reading the article. You could tell that the writer was having fun when they wrote this. There's that "spice" in it that just draws you in. Plus I enjoy the fact that it's short and simple. So refreshing. I enjoyed reading this and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Nice one, Mary-Ann. Kudos to you.
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