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Beauty Tips For All You Darlings
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Hey darlings, how are you doing? So, your girl has tried out a few beauty tips and I must say, I totally love the benefits! Of course, I 'm going to share some of these tips with you. We're all getting ready for the festive season and getting caught up in a lot of activities and festive shopping. But one of our priorities should still be to look our best from our hair, faces, skin and even our feet! Let's tick the boxes, shall we?
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We all have different hair types and so we want to cater to everyone’s beautiful hair with our tips. Let’s do this!

Pat your ‘fro, honey!

The ultimate goal is to keep your hair moisturised and growing. Think of it like a plant that needs essential moisture to grow and become fuller. The curls need to be taken care of all the time, even under protective hairstyles. Check out a few of the Pantene Golden Series products that will help you grow your hair successfully. If you’re looking for more advice on how to grow that ‘fro, girl, follow Honour Your Crown on Instagram and watch a few tutorials on YouTube.

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GENES!!! Yes genes play a huge role in the make up of your hair just like skin, nails etc. Some of us are perceived to have “good genes” that make our hair, thicker, longer or fuller! Honestly nothing stops anyone to grow healthier hair but yourself, from the way you take care of hair to the products you use and the food you eat Okay? And Products don’t change the genetic makeup of your hair for instance if your naturally have thinner Hair strands they won’t change that but improve the condition of your hair and scalp. So what I’m trying to say is that don’t compare yourself to Carol, rather accept and love the type of hair you have and focus on growing healthy beautiful mane. Love #honouryourcrown #afro #hair #naturalhair #4chairtype #healthyhair #haircare #hairtips #coilyhair #kinkyhair #goodgenes #melaninpoppin

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!

Like us, we’re sure you wish you could do every hairstyle under the sun whether short, dyed, long, you name it! But to be ‘Rapunzel’, you have to be patient with your hair — it takes time. Don’t let those videos on YouTube trick you, you know where people are like: ‘how to grow your hair in 24 hours’. Yes, those ones. Not true at all! To see some of the best hair-growth products check out this website.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!


Okay, now that we’ve discussed our crowns, let’s move to our faces. The money makers, darlings! Your face needs attention but be careful not to overly obsess about perfect skin. Before you go to bed, your face needs to be prepped so you can get your beauty sleep on. That’s why it’s called beauty sleep. Use face scrubs, masks, creams and let’s not forget that products work differently for each person. Find out what works best for you and run with it!

Face mask

Mask on, mask off! Yes, ladies, to keep your face healthy-looking and radiant, make masks your best friend. As there are different skin types, there are various products on the market to cater to them all. The process is easy — apply the mask, wait for it to dry then peel it right off. Remember you must make masks part of your skin care routine — consistency is key.

Face mask benefits:
• Refines your pores
• Diminishes fine lines
• Evenly-toned skin
• Firmer skin
• Increases hydration



“Ohh honey you’re glowing” is just what we like to hear. To look radiant is not all that easy, though, it takes a lot of skin care. And of course finding the right products that will rejuvenate your skin. There are body scrubs, bath salts, and amazing lotions to keep your skin glowing. Check this website to find all the perfect body products to keep you glowing.

Skin Care Routine


Treat yourself to a foot massage, it does wonders. Take it from someone who knows. And as it’s summer, away with the sneakers. Sneakers are only for jogging or gym but other than that, toss them aside, darlings! It’s flip-flops and scandals season, so commit to foot masks, yes you heard right — foot masks! There are a number of brands that offer foot masks and we recommend you make using them a habit. All you need to do is apply before your beauty sleep, slip on socks and voilà! A little birdy told me old-school petroleum jelly works just as well.

Feet Mask


Till next time darlings.😘 We’re more than happy to hear your beauty tips!

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