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Total Haircare With MATRIX
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We all want beautiful, healthy, controllable hair but finding the right shampoo and conditioner can be quite a mission and everyone’s locks have their own set of issues. MATRIX to the rescue with their fabulous haircare range, Total Results!

MATRIX Total Results offers the best solution for all of your haircare needs. Whether you need to moisturise, repair, amplify, get that sleek look, or prevent your coloured hair from losing is vibrancy, there’s a product for you. The MATRIX Total Results range offers high-performance formulas and it’s affordable. Plus, the modern and easy-to-understand packaging is appealing!

The MATRIX Total Results Range

Everyone needs a shampoo and conditioner that targets their specific hair issues. So MATRIX came up with seven different shampoos, conditioners and treatments to treat your hair depending on your needs.

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Moisture Me Rich

Moisture Me Rich is for hydrating your locks. Glycerin in the formula will help restore moisture to dry hair, leaving it feeling up to four times more hydrated and soft to the touch.

High Amplify

Need some oomph and volume? Then High Amplify is just the product for you. The silicone-free formulas with protein help boost the structure of fine, limp hair, giving you the volume you’ve always wanted.

Texture Games

Prefer giving your hair a little more texture? Texture Games add high-definition texture with polymers that give you those sexy waves and make rock-star styles possible.

Hello Blondie

Boost the radiance of your blonde hair by using Hello Blondie. This formula has added chamomile to soften and detangle hair, making it stronger and smoother.

Mega Sleek
Get your hair ultra-sleek with the Mega Sleek combo! Shea butter controls rebellious, unruly hair, and manages the dreaded frizz. Your hair will be up to five times smoother than usual.

So Long Damage
With long hair it’s a fact that there will be split ends and damage, so strengthen your lengthy locks with So Long Damage. Ceramide increases the strength of long hair with up to 88% less breakage and promotes healthy growth.

Colour Obsessed

Want to prolong the vibrancy of your beautifully coloured hair? Use Colour Obsessed. This formula is packed with antioxidants that protect your hair against factors that contribute to fading, like the sun and hard water, keeping your colour bright for up to 32 washes.

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